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How To Get There



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Philippine Map showing the location of Island Boracay


Getting To Island Boracay

The first thing, of course, you have to do to get into Sea Wind Beach Resort, is to first get into Boracay Island. Well, the most recommended way is by airplane heading to Kalibo or Caticlan. The flight time to both locations is about an hour.

If you go via Kalibo, you will be able to fly on a B737 150 seater Jet aircraft of PAL, Cebu Pacific or Air Philippines. If you go via Caticlan, you will fly on Asian Spirit ( 50 seater ) or SeAirs ( 19 seater ) which offers 8 flights each a day to Caticlan.

The benefit of traveling on the smaller planes to Caticlan is the price and land transfer is only 10 minutes as oppose to Kalibo's 2 hours. Take a flight to Manila. You may have to spend a night in Manila on your outward journey because onward flights to Boracay are limited. Fly Philippine Airlines from Manila Domestic Airport to Kalibo Airport ( the flight takes about half an hour ).

From Kalibo Airport takes the air-conditioned bus to Caticlan and the boat from Caticlan harbor to Boracay (the bus trip takes 90 minutes and the boat 30 minutes. Various charter companies fly direct from Manila to Caticlan Airport. As there is no jetty on Boracay, you have to wade ashore from the boat, so wear something appropriate and comfortable!


How To Get To Sea Wind Beach Resort

The Sea Wind Beach Resort is rated as a 'three star' resort category which is located at Roberto and Gloria Tirol Park near Boat Station 1.

It is at the northern end of White beach. Sea Wind it at the beach front of famous White Beach of Boracay.


boracay map 01
boracay map 02
boracay map 03


Island Boracay Map showing the location of Sea Wind Beach Resort







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